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Top 5 Essentials For Living In A Sorority House with Chi Omega

When I decided to live in my sorority house for my senior year, I immediately searched

the internet for what to bring with me. Most of the items I had when I lived in the dorms

during my freshman year came back to the top of my packing list. As women around the

panhellenic community prepare for move-in at the end of this summer, I wanted to share

my top 5 essentials for living in a sorority house:

1) Mattress Topper/Pad

Your back will thank you. My sorority house provides us with twin XL mattresses,

similar to what you find in a dorm room. The mattress itself does not have much

padding so a mattress topper is a life-saver. I personally have a Tempur-Pedic

twin mattress topper my grandma gifted me for Christmas. You can shop for

mattress toppers at Target, Walmart, Amazon, Wayfair, and more!

2) Rolling Laundry Basket

Having to carry a heavy laundry basket to the laundry room in the house is a

difficult workout I wanted to avoid. I purchased a rolling laundry basket from

Target during my freshman year and it has been great in transporting my laundry

so easily to our laundry room. Much less to worry about when you are already

stressed about getting your laundry done to wear that pair of jeans that’s dirty.

3) Mini Fridge

If you want to have a place to store your snacks and late plate from dinner, a mini

fridge is a must! I have had the same mini fridge from Walmart since my

freshman year. I would recommend getting one with a separate freezer if that is

in your budget. Other girls in the house had that type of fridge and I was very

jealous they could store their Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

4) Shower Shoes

Living in a house with a lot of girls means having communal bathrooms. You

definitely want to have shower shoes! I am somewhat of a germaphobe so

having a barrier to the floor gives me peace of mind.

5) Closet Curtain

You will want to coordinate with your roommate on a curtain color to hang over

your closet. There is a reason closets in homes have a door, to hide the mess!

The curtain helps make your room look clean. My roommate had purchased two

white curtains from Target and we used shower curtain rings I bought from

Target to hang them up on a rod that was provided in our rooms.

Moving into your sorority house is a very exciting experience! However, packing can be

overwhelming and daunting. Take your essentials first and if you have room for extras,

have your parents ship them to you or pick them up when you are back at home again.

Prepare for an adventure of a lifetime getting to live with your sisters for a year together.

Good luck & happy packing!

With love,

Danielle MC ‘19 Chi Omega


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