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What's New With Kappa Alpha Theta

Over the past few weeks, the ladies of Kappa Alpha Theta have been up to some exciting things! Whether it has been our sisterhood events or our recent date function, our past month has been nothing short of productive. A great deal of our time has been dedicated to sisterhood events- we’ve picnicked at Depot Park, written love letters to our sisters, and made vision boards for a fresh source of inspiration. After welcoming our spring MC home, the girls of Fall 21 and Spring 22 spent a day at Depot together. Here, we bonded over shared experiences, wrote positive affirmations for each other, and learned a little bit about the new members of our sisterhood. Speaking for everyone, it was definitely a moment to remember!

On the topic of sisterhood, we also had a cookie decorating event. While decorating cookies, we laughed, sang along to some of our favorite tunes, and caught up with one another. It is times like this that show me what it means to be a Theta.

Not only have we spent time embracing our sisterhood, but we have also made great strides with sustainability and service. Throughout the past few weeks, we have made PB&J sandwiches for charity, up-cycled old shirts into tote bags, and fixed Valentine-themed candy bags for the homeless. To make use of old t-shirts, we were able to transform them into tote bags! This event was just one of our many efforts to care for our planet. By recycling our old shirts into tote bags, we are attempting to eliminate single-use plastics from our everyday lives. These events, and so many more, have truly illustrated the power of coming together as a chapter! With this said, we are looking forward to the many moments that March will bring!

With Love,

Kappa Alpha Theta


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