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Kappa Delta: Why Panhellenic?

Coming to the University of Florida as a freshman, I knew that I wanted to go through the recruitment process. The summer going into my first year, I watched an unhealthy amount of YouTube videos ranging from recruitment experiences to day-to-day vlogs of chapter women. I had an idea of what being in a sorority would be like, but I had no idea just how impactful it would be. After going through the process, myself, I knew that I made the right choice being part of Panhellenic and Kappa Delta. Joining Kappa Delta opened new doors that gave me the ability to meet my best friends, connect with girls in the same major as me, network with alumni and create relationships that will last a lifetime. While being a member of Panhellenic allowed me to meet so many different women within the 18 chapters at UF who have all impacted my life in different ways. I have been able to participate in panhellenic events, like Around the Row with one of my best friends in Kappa Delta, where we connected with so many other chapter women and had a great time eating and laughing with them. I have also been able to attend seminars where I learned about how to be a leader not only within my chapter, but in life and in the professional world. Panhellenic is a place where you can flourish and better yourself. It is a community of girls helping girls, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you are still deciding whether you would like to rush and join this community, do it! We would love to have you.

With Love,

Amanda LaPadura


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