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Sigma Kappa Abroad

I knew that studying abroad in Europe was going to be a wonderful learning experience no matter what, but having 2 of my Sigma Kappa sisters with me has made this trip one thousand times better. In a country where almost everything is unfamiliar, from the language to the food, Sydney and Evelyn have brought a sense of “home” with them to Italy. Exactly like they would in Gainesville, my friends keep me comfortable in the uncomfortable. Whether the “uncomfortable” was trying new foods I wouldn’t imagine trying before, buying a metro ticket in a busy station, or jumping off of a cliff into the Mediterranean Sea, Sydney and Evelyn have been there to inspire me, help me, and jump with me. This trip wouldn’t have been as impactful without my friends here. I am so glad I got to share this beautiful experience with them, and can’t wait to make even more memories with my Sigma Kappa sisters wherever in the world life takes us!

With Love,

Haley Russo


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