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Financial Information

The cost of membership varies from chapter to chapter. Usually, the first semester of membership is the most expensive because of one-time membership fees. If you may be in need of financial assistance for membership, many chapters offer payment plans and scholarships. During the second round of Recruitment financial transparency sheets are available at each chapter the Potential New Member is invited to visit. Potential New Members are encouraged to take these sheets home with them to review as they will not be available in the later Rounds.


The following ranges are meant to be used for general planning purposes and are subject to change. Potential New Members should discuss specifics with each chapter they are considering.

Pre-Initiation Semester: $900 - $3500

        Includes: badge/pin, chapter dues, initiation fee, corporation fees, meal plan

Post-Initiation Semester: $1300 - $2300

        Includes: chapter dues and meal plan

Members (Semesterly / In-House): $2700 - $6000

        Includes: chapter dues, room rent, meal plan, parlor fee

Members (Semesterly / Out-of-House): $1400 - $3100

        Includes: chapter dues, meal plan, parlor fee

University Cost (Semesterly / Average Double-Occupancy Room): $5135

        Includes: room and board

If you have any questions regarding the cost of membership, please contact Kate G., our Finance Vice President, at

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