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Alpha Chi Omega: Big/Little Made My Experience

In my opinion, the unspoken truth about sorority recruitment is that it's not all “sunshine and rainbows” right off the bat. It might seem that way because of social media and the excitement of bid day, but you have to remember you are getting thrown into a new social group with 200 other strangers. Especially for someone who grew up with brothers and never knew what it was like to have a sister, it’s not easy! I would have to say my sunshine and rainbows came after I met my big sister, Lauren.

Bid day was rough for me; I had a very stressful recruitment experience and I was definitely overwhelmed. At one point, I considered releasing myself from recruitment, because I wasn’t sure where I belonged. However, I’ve always grown up with the idea that everything happens for a reason, and you have to trust the process. Looking back, I am so glad I did.

The day after bid day I met Lauren. A bunch of the older girls asked the new members to go to watch the sunset at Paynes Prairie. So I went, trying to make an effort to make new friends out of this big group of strangers. Lauren was also there and was extremely approachable right off the bat. She was easy to talk to, and we clicked instantly.

Later that day, I also received a message from another girl Lauren’s age named Ellie. She sat down and talked to me about how her bid day situation last year was literally parallel to mine, but not to worry, it will get better! I knew Ellie would remain another friend to rely on if I was feeling misplaced or apprehensive.

Over the course of the weeks before big/little, I got extremely close with the two girls who were both seeking littles. I began meeting their friends and the other girls in my class who were their buddies. Ellie and Lauren made Alpha Chi Omega feel more like home every week.

When it came down to big/little decisions, I was very torn between Ellie and Lauren and ultimately had to leave the decision to the matching committee. I would have been ecstatic with either option. Both women made me feel so at home and in love with Alpha Chi Omega.

I turned around at the big/little reveal and the one and only Lauren was behind me! That night we went to the cheesecake factory after the reveal and planned a spontaneous trip to Universal with my new fam for the upcoming week! Ever since then, we have been more inseparable than ever. This past Christmas, I flew up to New Jersey to stay with Lauren and her family and explore Lauren’s hometown. They welcomed me just like I was one of their own!

At this point, I was absolutely certain in my love for Alpha Chi Omega and I am so grateful that I stuck with it and trusted the recruitment process. I can confidently say my big has made this experience so rewarding and full of love.

With Love,

Anna Glass


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