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Alpha Omicron Pi: Moving Mountains

When I was accepted into the University of Florida, I did not have any specific plan for what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. Coming from Atlanta, Georgia I knew basically no one so I relied on my previous experiences in involvement and the little I knew about recruitment to hopefully meet people. Going through recruitment, especially coming in during the pandemic, was one of the best things I could have done. Although cliche, it really is true that recruitment, not just the sorority you join, helps you meet lifelong friends. Through that journey I was able to develop a strong interest in my sorority’s executive board in addition to my other involvement across campus. To be completely transparent, I fell into my first role on Alpha Omicron Pi executive board as VP of Administration. I was a freshman who knew nothing about handling a cabinet of over 9 girls, planning an entire parent’s weekend, serving as the liaison with headquarters, how to manage and organize points, and countless miscellaneous tasks that came with the role. Throughout my term as VPA, and now president, I learned age, ultimately, is not a determining factor, and if anything can be used as motivation. Used as a push to want to strive for bigger and better things. My need to make the chapter even better than it already was, my want to make the girls happy to be in Alpha Omicron Pi, and the fear of not messing up for the peers and advisors around me, truly shaped me into a leader, friend, and individual I never thought I could become. I am thankful for the 284 girls I am responsible for and the panhellenic community as a whole that accepted me and allowed me to lead and grow, especially at such a young age.

With Love,

Olivia Green

President of Alpha Omicron Pi as a Second Year Student


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