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Our Adventures Don't Stop in Gainesville with Gamma Phi Beta

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

We absolutely love Gainesville, because Gainesville is home. It is where our sisters are, where our house is, where game days happen, and where our classes occur. However, Gainesville is not the only place where our adventures take place. As the Spring semester progressed, many of us could not wait until spring break. The best part about spring break; we did whatever we wanted to do. With the multitude of personalities within our chapter, you can only imagine the multitude of different experiences sisters had in their spring breaks. Here are a few spring break adventures some of our sisters wanted to share.

Sisters took their adventures together. Lauren Bonet and Chole Maz shared their experience of taking a group of 14 Gamma Phi Beta's back home:

"I was fortunate enough to spend my break with some of the people that give me the most peace, my gphine besties. We stayed at fellow Gamma Phi Beta Lauren Bonet’s aunt's house in Key Largo getting our tan on, kayaking, exploring, taking pictures, and boat riding. We were also able to spend some time in Key West which was my favorite part because of the college spring break scene and the key lime pie. It was so nice to get to know my sisters from a deeper level. Although I live with most of them in our sorority house I found it fun learning about each person's travel lifestyle. This spring break was unforgettable and every way and made me so proud to be a Gamma Phi Beta 💚" - Chloe Maz MC 20

"We had a blast having a huge girls trip of 14 gamma phi beta's to Miami and then to the Keys! It was so much fun and we made so many funny memories :) I think a memory I will never forget is when Amanda got bit by a pelican trying to feed the tarpon at Robbie's when we were in the Keys!" - Lauren Bonet MC 20

Other sisters took their adventures with friends they met at the University of Florida:

"For spring break, a group of friends that I actually met at UF all got together and hung out at one of their beach houses in Ozello, FL. It was pretty nostalgic actually because I’m from Tampa Bay which is on the water, and in Ozello we got to go out on boats and swim. We also took a beach trip to Honeymoon Island separately, and we absolutely got hunted by seagulls. Besides all the beach stuff I did with my University of Florida friends, I met up with my best friend from high school and thrifted all over Tampa. Spring break was the most fun I’ve had in a while." - Eden Stark MC 21

"I went to Quepos, Costa Rica, with my roommate and we had lots of fun. We were able to get a break from school by relaxing on the beach, fishing, and hanging out with the monkeys that would come to the house we were staying at. Personally, my favorite parts were definitely being able to enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica. The beaches and beautiful sunsets made my experience picturesque. Recalling it now, I can't believe that was real. How I had the best of times whilst in a different country!" - Bridget Craig MC 21

Other sisters took their adventures with their family:

"Okay, I am going to set the scene. It was my first time flying by myself as an adult and I drove myself to the Miami airport and was running so late - I know it sounds bad - luckily I got to the gate THREE minutes before the door closed. Life lesson: get to the airport early kids!! Anyway, that plane took me to Phoenix, Arizona where I got to visit my family. We went hiking, shopping, and I shadowed at their advertising agency! Once back home in south Florida, I visited my best friend, Brooke, who’s in Kappa Delta at UF #panhelleniclove. We shopped around Fort Lauderdale and just took a break from the chaos that is college. " - Victoria Bible MC 21

"I feel as though I took an unordinary approach to spring break: "Namastay in bed." And let me tell you, I did. I took spring break as a chance to regroup with my friends and family from Longwood, FL (by Orlando). I slept in, went to the gym, ate great food, did some activity with either my family or my friends, I watched something on Netflix, and then went to bed. I repeated this cycle for a few days. To me it was my ideal spring break, because I never knew how hard it was going to be transitioning into college. I threw myself into a lot of opportunities and got a bit too involved, which is why this one week I valued the little things I have been missing for months like sleeping in. Take a break, breathe, put yourself first sometimes, are all lessons my family and friends reiterated to me over break." - Kathryn Anderson MC 21

With Love,

Adventure Seekers in Gamma Phi Beta


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