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Phi Mu: Family Isn't Just Blood

As a senior about to graduate, I’m immensely grateful for the endless memories and relationships I’ve made through Phi Mu. Thinking back to my first year at UF, it is truly wild how much I’ve grown as a person and a friend.

Though I’m in love with everyone in Phi Mu, there’s nothing quite like my sorority family. My big, Erin, was the first person I met in Phi Mu. We instantly clicked; she was funny, welcoming, and so fun to be around. Coming into UF I feared that no one would accept me, but around Erin, that fear left. I knew I was accepted for all of me- including all my quirks and my love for the Office. (We dressed up as Steve and Dwight for our Big Little Reveal. The first gift she ever gave me was a vegetable. A literal beat.) She was my first lifelong connection- I genuinely felt like I’m hanging out with my (real) sister Caroline because of how comfortable she made me feel. This was especially important for me as an incoming Freshman - I needed a support system where I not only felt loved and

appreciated, but I also felt comfortable and pushed to grow more and more into my true self.

Going into my second year, I was hopeful to find a similar connection with my future little. I just so happened to find two people weird enough to want me. LOL. Alyssa and Hayden were the perfect additions to the fam. I knew they were chill when I gave them baggy neon green clothes for Big Little Reveal and they were unphased (we dressed as Billie Eilish).

From there, our family grew so fast it was crazy. My glittles Izzi and Jenna are the funnest people to be around! We somehow are always laughing about something random. My gglittles Isabel and Ella are the newest addition to our family, and they fit soo well into our fam. We all have food nights together which have resulted in eating an entire cake in one sitting and getting to love and know the newest generations of our fam.

I am referred to as our “matriarch”, and although I wear that title proudly, it feels weird to admit considering just a few years ago I was adopted by Erin and taken under her wing. It is so nice to know that all the love and support I was given I can give back. Watching my young “grandchildren” flourish like I did in Phi Mu is so fun to see. I am sure even when I leave my time at UF, I know our fam’s love for eachother and coolness and odd humor and rituals of devouring so much cake until we are sick will be present forever for generations to come.

With Love,

Cami Brousse and My Phi Mu Fam


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