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Recruitment Advice from Delta Zeta's VP of Membership

Hello and welcome all! Our lovely Vice President of Membership has composed a letter to new members that embodies the love Delta Zeta has for our sisterhood and for the Panhellenic community as a whole. I found some of my best friends and made the best memories I could ever imagine, and I hope you experience that as well. Every member of each chapter will welcome you in and help you through every aspect of life. Please read these words and know they are derived from the most sincere and thoughtful place in our hearts.

“Dear Potential New Members,

My name is Kennedy Cobb and I am beyond honored to serve as the Delta Zeta Vice President of Membership. I am so excited to meet and welcome all of you during Fall Formal Recruitment.

I know that coming into recruitment can be intimidating, but it is truly a time for you to find your home. In these few weeks, you will open up, grow, find yourself and hopefully find a home as well. I hope every one of you is able to find a group of women to welcome you to the campus and to this new chapter of your life.

If you are even slightly considering going through recruitment, this is your sign to do it. Although recruitment can be tiring and a roller coaster of emotions, being yourself and staying positive through the entire process is so important. No matter the outcome, you have the opportunity to make friends, learn about yourself, and try something new.

Best wishes and go Gators,

Kennedy :)”

With Love,

Delta Zeta


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