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Sigma Kappa's Spring Recruitment Recap!

Congratulations to Member Class ‘21.5!

This Spring Recruitment we were so excited to share our values with future sisters. We held four events at the Sigma Kappa house where we got to meet so many amazing women. Sigma Kappa welcomed women to a game night, yoga session, painting session, and tea party. Although we may not all be world class artists, we got to bond over planting violet seeds in the pots we painted together. Each of these events provided us with the opportunity to show the other women of UF’s campus why we found our home here in Sigma Kappa.

Our Vice President of New Member Education, Aubrey Graydon, threw an amazing Bid Day to continue pouring love on our spring class. The best part of this process is getting to see the new

members form bonds that are going to last them a lifetime.

MC ‘21.5 absolutely has our hearts.

Callaway Wells, New Member: “I knew I had found my home at Sigma Kappa when after a really bad day I still decided to go to the recruitment event that night and instantly was surrounded by women who made me forget all about my day. When it was time to leave that night I didn’t want to and just knew that this is where I belonged! Since that night I’ve known that Sigma Kappa was my home!”

Katriana O'hara, New Member: “From the moment I walked in, Sigma Kappa has been nothing but a welcoming, friendly environment. After getting to know some sisters at game night, I knew

this was the place for me! All the girls are so friendly, and I have made so many new connections already. I realized Sigma Kappa was the perfect place for me to grow academically, socially, and personally, and I’m so glad that I found not only my home at Sigma Kappa but my family!”

Aysia Lewis, New Member: “I found my home in Sigma Kappa because I have developed personal, real connections with people who have the same academic and career goals as me.

Since being a new member, I’ve gone on study dates with people who are in the same classes as me, spent much needed quality time in nature, but more importantly have had meaningful

conversations with my sisters. I was immediately drawn to Sigma Kappa after I learned they had so many women in STEM and even on the Pre-Pharmacy track like me. However, after feeling

so welcomed into the sisterhood, I know that Sigma Kappa will not only push me to accomplish my academic goals, but also allow me to develop friendships that will last a lifetime.”

We are thrilled that more women have found their home at 1108 and can’t wait to see how our Spring 2022 Member Class will grow in this chapter.

With Love,

Sigma Kappa


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