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Why Did You Choose Your Chapter?

There are so many aspects that attracted me to wanting to go Zeta Tau Alpha. My “Why Zeta Tau Alpha?” stems from a place of genuine understanding and acceptance.

From the very first interaction with these women, I felt connected through so many channels including a shared sense of humor, interests and an undeniable ambition that can be found in every single one of us. There is a radiant confidence in these women that encourages me to work towards my aspirations and explore different realms of creativity. Zeta Tau Alpha is a place that continues to push me in the most positive directions in terms of personal and professional growth. I was able to focus on my pursuits with Art and Public Relations and the women in this chapter have been a resource in helping me achieve this. The women of Zeta Tau Alpha uplift others in achieving their goals and I have always felt supported in my personal endeavors.

As a member of this chapter, my mission is to be a source of inspiration through my passions, and in doing so inspire more girls to reach their ambitions. These women have truly shown me how to live up to my potential.

Thank you Zeta Tau Alpha for showing me love, cultivating the meaning of support and helping me navigate my passions and pursuits.

Zeta Tau Alpha's Love and Mine,

Tayler Ford


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